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Rev. Kathy Kiuna narrates How Chemotherapy Affected her husband

In an exclusive lengthy, and heartbreaking Instagram post, Rev. Kathy Kiuna, the wife to the co-founder of Jubilee Christian Church, Bishop Allan Kiuna, brought to public limelight her husband’s battle with cancer and how Chemotherapy affected him.

She stated that Chemotherapy caused hair loss to her husband and could not do much physically. She added that he was unable to stand for long and had immense pain in his legs.

“Last year, was a difficult time for us. My husband was diagnosed with cancer and was away seeking treatment.” she said.

She went on to state, “Chemotherapy had him losing hair, gaining weight and unable to do much physically; he was unable to stand or walk for long and had to tiptoe around from the immense pain in his legs.

“Chemotherapy had him at his lowest. What was most difficult for me, was having to be home preaching most of the time and not by his side physically and honestly speaking it took all of me to even stand and preach,” she said.


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