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REVEALED: Why Most Married Kenyan Women Cheat With Kisii Men

By Clinton KE
Frankly, many Kenyan women have come out to confess that they just can’t get enough of Kisii men.

According to women, Kisii men are Be*st. They are known to be the best “horse riders” because they are extremely rough and can mercilessly pound that ‘thing’ until it turns red.

There is no gainsaying these days women are extremely h*rny given the type of food they eat. Every woman needs a man who can go the whole hog and take her to cloud nine, or whatever they call it.I want to give you a secret behind the se*ual prowess in a typical Kisii man.

Before a Kisii boy joins class one, he must face the knifeman. But before he faces the knifeman, there are things he must be taught by the elders. Among the things, is the best way to treat a woman especially when making love.

It is that time when the boys you’ve been insulting get a chance to carry out their revenge mission on you by disciplining you uninterruptedly.

In their culture, anyone that faces the knife a year before you automatically becomes your senior regardless of whether he is younger than you. You will treat that person with respect until one of you gives up the ghost. Suppose you insult the boy that is already circumcised while you are not, he will pile those mistakes and wait until your day comes.

The ceremony takes place at around a few minutes to 6am. The entire night is dedicated to instilling thorough discipline on boys before they are confirmed men. Neither your mother nor father is allowed anywhere near you. Men take full control of you and work on you properly.

They make you drill a hole on the ground and demonstrate how you make love with a girl. They then order you to do it until you ‘drown’ ejaculate there.

At the eve of circumcision, elders tell you that if you happen to get that ‘thing’ you should work on it ruthlessly as if you will never see it again. Assume it is the last one on earth and screw it properly.

You see, Kisii men are blessed with big strong ‘rungus’ that hammer that a woman until she thanks her ancestors.

Immediately you are circumcised, you are escorted home by a large crowd of men.

Upon arrival at home, they then confine you an isolated room and assign you a keeper, the one who will keep an eye on you and take care of you until you recover fully.

They then feed you with over sixty types of extremely bitter roots from different types of trees and leaves from more than thirty species of trees and weeds. The bitterness of that stuff will make you vomit out your intestines albeit you are not permitted to.

That is the stage when a Kisii man is made. That is when he becomes a tiger and acquires the prowess in lovemaking. The juice in those roots and leaves contain some sh*thole chemicals that floor well in the boy’s veins and rectify every little problem to allow blood flow to the penis uninterruptedly.

There is this common theory that there are men who need to be jumpstarted s3*ually in order to erect. There is nothing like that among the Gusii men. They are always alert any time, any day anywhere and anyhow as long as they sight them.

A woman can cum even five times while the Kisii man has not drowned yet, thanks to those medicinal roots and leaves, the rungu can remain firmly alert for three consecutive hours without relenting or showing any signs boredom.

You see, when it comes to matters of love, women are open to each other. If one tastes, she will surely testify to her friends who will in turn give it a stab and continue spreading the gospel.

If you want to give it a trial with a Kisii man, know that condoms are not useful. They reshape and wear out after a few minutes, forcing you to change. Imagine how many times you’ll keep changing them yet you have a five-hour journey ahead of you before you go for the first short break.

Just ensure you have enough lubrication to help you oil the machines because they’ll definitely be drying.

That is the secret behind Kisii men and their prowess in bed.


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