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5 Signs Your Lover Has Slept With Another Man

Everyone likes to be in a relationship especially for the adults because it is a part of humans life.

In a relationship you find a partner of the other gender who you can spend the time together and even have some fun.

It is in a relationship where the foundation of marriage is built. But sometimes we are faced by the challenges such that not all of these relationship will lead to marriage.

There are some partners who does not know how to forgive when they are in a relationship.

In order to have one of the best relationship and which will stay for long, each one of you should be satisfied with the relationship. To be satisfied in a relationship there must be key factors which might be financial satisfaction to sexual.

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So your partner to be faithful you must satisfy him or her because if you fail to do that she might find satisfaction from another man.

1. Sometimes you will find the lady is very shy when the husband is talking to her and she might even try to avoid some eye contact. And sometimes the lady might be looking downwards.

2. When they come at home they might try not to come closer to their husbands. This is where you will see them giving some excuses of headache or stomachache so that they can go to the bedroom and that makes their husbands not to ask them many questions.

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3. They will try to refuse when you ask to sleep with them.

4. She might even be smelling perfume for men she slept with.

5. Sometimes they are seem to be very tired and dull.

By Abduseller

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