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6 Years And Pregnant? The Story Of A Little Girl Who Left The World In Disbelief.

Can a girl below the age of puberty really get pregnant? The answer is yes. One case of a Peruvian girl Lynna Madina born in 1933 started experiencing her periods at age of 8 months. She was tragically raved as 5 year-old and gave birth at 5 years and 6 months.

She is the youngest confirmed mother in the medical history. Medina is still alive today and her son was born and raised as her brother.

We cannot always control what happens in our lives but we can control how we respond. Many struggles comes as problems and pressures and sometimes cause pain and others come as temptation, trials and tribulations.

Oase Olga Blessing is a 6-year-old who suffers a rare medical condition which makes her looks like she is pregnant. Olga was diagnosed by this illness last year in July 2019. She started feeling too much abdominal pain at first.

On visiting some clinics, they were told it was typhoid fever and were granted some medicine. After taking all the medicine, nothing changed and instead they developed some swelling and her stomach kept swelling and even the legs started swelling.

She was hospitalised for a month and later, the doctors informed her mother Anastin that her daughter is suffering from Congestive Heart failure. They added that there is a disorder of the disorder of heart valves.

In normal occasions when breathing, those valves opens and closes but at this moment, they are always open. That’s all that made her look pregnant.

Her mother while speaking to Afrimax, said that sometimes her stomach and legs are more swollen that they always run to the hospital and then she is injected.

She always takes pills everyday and whenever she is injected, the stomach still remains swollen and only legs decrease in size.

Her father abandoned them after seeing his daughter’s condition turning from bad to worse. Though he could afford daily medication, the father woke up one day as if going to work and he never came back.

The doctor who do a check up on olga says that they only way is when the expert who comes from a broad visits. They always comes after 5-10 years and considering the urgency of the matter at hand, they cannot wait for those experts to come but the problem is money for going abroad and affording the medical bills.

She can’t play around with her age mates because of her stomach and at night she walks around the house for the whole night because she can’t sleep.

Her mother now wish for well-wishers to intervene and help her daughter gets back to normal and live a normal life just like any other kid.

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