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4 Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Wives

Not surprisingly, many married men cheat on their wives, and this is a very common case as they want to please themselves outside of their marriage.

Doing so is very wrong, particularly for men who are part of their nature of cheating.

It is true that some men are not happy with their marriage and can not be satisfied, but cheating on their spouse at the same time is caused by some of the following, including and not limited to;

1. Disrespect
This is another reason why men get their wives cheated on. Some men are so disciplinary that their partners, in particular, dislike being tempered or disrespected.

And this occurs when, in many respects, a woman does not respect and support her husband; disregarding and resisting the decision of her husband, quarreling, fighting and assaulting the male.

2. Lack Of Attention
As some women do not pay attention to their husbands’ needs, this is also a cause.

Some men are cheat motivated when their spouse loses attention, maybe the wife might be too busy at work, or typically shows little care about the need of the husband, such as caring for him, cooking his meals, and so on, and as such, the man may certainly try to find a woman outside the home who could satisfy him in such areas.

3. When There Is No Love
As it addresses some of the above, this is a big argument. In terms of marriage, between these two persons, love is a natural feeling. It is a common factor that decides why the spouse is deceived by men.

It occurs when, maybe some years after their marriage, married couples do not love each other or when the husband does not love his wife anymore.

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If there is no affection for the man, whatever the woman does for the man, he will never appeal to him and then he would probably increase contempt for her and seek women outside the house.

4. When There Are No Children
Every man wants to be a dad, and that’s a big reason to get married, and it’s the reason for some broken homes at the same time.

This issue can come from both the male and the female when perhaps owing to certain medical problems, they can not reproduce, but in this case, it is when the woman is unable to bear a child.

This can also make the man feel bad and ashamed and can be prompted to leave his wife, especially if there is no love.

At times, this dilemma is not the fault of the woman for which she can be blamed, and it can be resolved with time. So they should have faith and pray to God instead of men quitting a marriage quickly.

For men, it is not advised to stick to the above as an excuse for living at home or to cheat on their spouse. Love brought both of you together, and it’s just a phase of challenges, no matter the difficulties, and as always there is a solution to any question, it just takes time.

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