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I Was Raped Several Times In Los Angeles – Kenyan Woman Recalls Troubled Life In US


When Kenyan singer Mercy Atis left Kenya for the US, her dream was to eventually make it to Hollywood and get the opportunity to pursue her talent as an actress singer and model; however, life took a different turn and her dream was cut short after she was deported back to the country.

In a recent interview on Bonga na Jalas, the upcoming musician opened up about her troubled life in the US and struggle to create a better life.

Mercy who rose to fame after the release of her song ‘I don’t wanna know’ narrated how she became a rape victim after a number of men took advantage of her.

Everything seemed to be going quite well for her until she moved to Los Angeles which she describes as a crazy city. Before relocating, to another city, Mercy worked 3 different jobs in Dallas, Texas.

“Everything fell apart when I moved to LA. There are many stories there but I ended up homeless” she revealed.

Mercy Atis: “I Don’t Wanna Know” Hitmaker Tells Her Story

According to Mercy she used to live in a car and it was at this point that many people took advantage for her after she went on a public website to announce her search for a job and place to stay.

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“A guy says they want to host you and you go, they rape and throw you out. That happened so many time to me. I got used in LA.” she stated

Her advise to other women who plan on travelling to LA is to go there having a stable income and a contact person that they can trust.

Mercy who once volunteered for the Barack Obama campaign says that when she was later arrested for arson and thought that the former president would come to her rescue only for her to serve 5 years in jail before she was deported.

Although one of her greatest regret is the fact that she did not make any investment in Kenya thinking that she would be permanently based in the US the artist has made an effort to rebuild her life and career.

After sharing her story Kenyan raised 200K to support her.

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