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Controversies as Bahati moves from Court to taking Ex-girlfriend to vacation, Diana Marua threatens to spill more beans

The trial case of an artist accused of defrauding former gospel musician Kevin Kioko, popularly known as Bahati, of Ksh2 million, commenced on Tuesday at Milimani court.

Bahati, who is the key witness, was testifying against Peter Blessing aka Peter Mwanyalo who is accused of conning him out of Sh2million by false pretences after he left the EMB record label.

Bahati told senior principal magistrate Benard Ochoi that Blessing knelt in front of his car requesting him to help him boost his music career in July last year.

Bahati said Blessing had been trying to see him for close to eight months without much success.

“My workers told me that there was a young man who had been coming to my office for the last eight months to see me,” he testified.

The entertainer who was being led in his evidence in chief by State Counsel James Gachoka recounted how a desperate Blessing went down on his knees at Membley Estate in Ruiru in his office.

He accused Blessing of signing a contract in 2019 to be nurtured musically by EMB records and promised to have all returns go to EMB records Studios, a promise he allegedly did not honour.

“He knelt In front of my car and asked me to help me boost his music career. He told me he could sing and asked for my support. After which I would recoup my investments from his performances and music sales,” he testified.

The court heard Bahati used to pay the struggling artist’s rent of Sh4,000, buy his clothes and food.

“I used to pay his rent, bought his clothes and even the food that he ate, I paid for it,” he said.

He added that after he took him on his EMB record label, Blessing took off and started attending shows without his knowledge.

“He has been earning through performances and getting other benefits from the music we recorded for him without our knowledge, this has caused us losses because we are yet to recover our expenditures on him,” said Bahati.

Lawrence Munyao, Bahati’s manager testified that EMB studios records used the Sh2,039,000 on Blessing hoping it would be recovered when he becomes his own brand but he left unceremoniously.

Blessing was charged that between July 4, 2019, and January 5, 2020, at EMB records Studios in Nairobi county, with intent to defraud obtained Sh2,039,00 from Kevin Kioko aka Bahati by falsely pretending he was able to produce music videos with the said EMB records, a fact he knew to be false.

The case was adjourned until February 24, 2021

Relationship in the ICU?

Musician Bahati seems not to give a damn after his marriage hit a rock. Through his social media channels, he announced that he is planning to treat his ex-girlfriend Yvette Obura, with a vacation.

“Suggest a Birthday Destination that I should Take this Princess @Mueni_bahati and the Mum,” he said.

This came after he showered her with praises during Mueni’s birthday proving that he was completely done with his wife Diana Marua.

“And as I Celebrate My Daughter’s 5 Years Birthday Today; I also wish to acknowledge this Woman Here! This is a Special Shout Out and thank You to You Mama Mueni for Raising My Beautiful Daughter. Were it not for you she Wouldn’t have gotten this far. Thank You I do appreciate you and respect You Mama @Mueni_Bahati,” he said.

Bahati was said to have cheated on his wife, with a slay queen he was seen with at a bash getting cozy. He however refuted the rumors and warned bloggers from getting involved with his family affairs.

“Stop Planting Flowers in Peoples Yards Who Aren’t Going to Water them. So bloggers please stay away from my family!!!” he said.

Previously, Yvette revealed that co-parenting is not as easy as some people may think.

Obura revealed that basing on the fact that Bahati has a wife, Diana Marua, and she is also in another relationship, the whole co-parenting arrangement can at times be overwhelming.

Making her debut in Bahati’s reality TV show, Being Bahati, she disclosed that they at times argue and differ on a number of issues but all is in the good of their daughter, Mueni Bahati.

“Co-parenting si rahisi, you know he has wife alafu maybe am in another relationship, alafu unajua kuna zile time hatuwezi pigiana simu ati Mueni anataka hii. Sisi wote ni vichwa ngumu ,

“Tunakuwanga na arguments, every now and then the main focus ni Mueni, sisi ni non-foctor. Huko Instagram unaeka picha ya Mueni watu wanauliza kwani haendangi shule, baba yake at ooh mtoto hanafaa kujua English, mi siongeangi English, so mi nilidecied to kucall the Dad so atakuwa anamchukua yeye mwenyewe huko Eastlands anampleka mpaka Runda, labda Mueni atatoka huko na Pizza tutakula pia sisi” said Obura.

She also added that she doesn’t like being referred to as Bahati’s Baby Mama. “Mimi ni mama Mueni, ama Yvette. Mueni ni mtoto wa Bahati, most of the people call us Baby mama’s of which sipendi hiyo jina,” she revealed.

Earlier this year, she disclosed that she is not in talking terms with the singer’s wife, Marua but they don’t hold any grudge.

“We don’t have any kind of beef, I believe… At the end of the day she’s like Mueni’s other mum and so I’m easy,” she added.

Yvette also asked Bahati to stop posting photos of their daughter on social media.

Yvette Obura also known as Kisha claims Bahati cheated on him while they were dating and wants him to seek consent from her before posting their baby’s photos.

Last week, the musician posted a photo of his daughter, Mueni Bahati, and wrote a heartful message.

“Too many Blessings have come my way. Two years ago was the beginning of a special lifetime. I’d like to acknowledge and thank the love of my life Diana for being there for me in all situations, may God bless you. My lovely fans, you’ve stood with me and supported me since day one. I’ll forever be grateful for that. Allow me to introduce to you the angel that God blessed me with, my first born daughter I promise to love and protect you. I will be the best dad for you.”

Obura said she was shocked when she saw the photos.

“Last weekend Bahati picked up Mueni as usual and said they were going for lunch only for me to learn later that my daughter was trending on social media. He never sought my consent. I want his friends and girlfriend Diana Marua to stop posting my daughter’s photos, it is disrespectful.”

Speaking about their relationship, Obura said that Bahati supports the kid.

“I started dating Bahati way before he became a celebrity in 2011 and we were in a serious relationship for five years. The relationship was good until when I got pregnant and things started changing.

We did not expect the baby but I decided to keep it. That is when we started to grow apart and the relationship was no longer what it was. He cheated on me. I never aborted and I was never a groupie as some of the blogs say,” she said.

The travel agent added that she had moved on and was in a happy relationship.

Diana Marua on her Instagram channel Wednesday evening threatened to expose what has been going in her family as her relationship with Bahati fades away.

Singer Bahati and wife Diana Marua left their followers confused with their alleged ‘break up’ after the couple deleted each other’s photos on social media.

Diana recently shared a black rose often associated with new beginnings on her Instagram page.

“Sometimes you have to unfollow people in real life. God bless my next chapter,” she wrote.

“The betrayal hurts but the lesson worked. You now know that not everybody’s loyalty can be earned.”

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