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Dear Men, These 7 things will make a lady never forget you in her life

Relationships and marriage form a very basic but critical stage in one’s livelihood. This is something that we are all set to undergo once we attain a certain age.

As a man, you are always expected to go out there and find someone’s daughter for yourself. This is the main thing that distinguishes a mere man from a real gentleman as you are sworn into adulthood.

Unfortunately, this has constantly turned out into the most critical stage of every man’s life. The same case applies to ladies.

Once you gain the post-adolescent period, society looks at you like a mature lady and you are always anticipated to go out there and meet some men who will gain interest in you and possibly marry you.

As a man, finding a lady is not yet home and dry. You always have a major role in her life. There are certain things you have to do to her to make her keep it as good memories of you. You have to do beyond the normal things to make her never forget you in her life. Let’s see some of the things.

1. Always take her out over the weekends at the hotels or fields for adventure and breaking boredom.

2. Call her all the dorts of romantic names you might have ever come across.

3. Always support all her financial needs by readily providing her with anything she needs without conditions.

4. Sometimes, create time for each other where you can discuss general family matters that might be affecting you.

5. Always remember to bring her regular gifts surprisingly when she couldn’t expect it.

6. Support her in doing the house chores assumed to be for ladies.

7. Finally, sometimes feel free to gain the courage to tell her anything you feel about her.


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