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Drama in Kisumu After a Man Caught His Boyfriend Cheating on Him With Another Man (VIDEO)

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Drama ensured in Kisumu when two men believed to be lovers fought over cheating allegations.

According to the source, the shocking incident happened at a rental apartment, Polyview Apartments located within Kisumu city, when one man caused drama after he was allegedly thrown out of the house by his boyfriend.

In a viral video recorded on Friday night, a man is overheard in a female-like voice, complaining and demanding that they open the gate for him.

The man is said to have been ‘used’ by the other man before he was chased away and locked outside the house.

He was heard questioning why his lover would not invite him for the mission, instead, decided to invite another man.

“He is a gay, I am also a gay, Mbona hangenipiga? Yuko hapo juu, Mbona hangenpiga? Nalala hapa,” the man was head issuing order, which loosely translates to (He is a gay and I am I gay too, why would he not hit me? He stays up there, why not hit me? I am sleeping here, I am not leaving)

The video ends when the man was still threatening to sleep at the gate.

Click here to watch the viral video

He was urged to go back to his home and return the following day but all were futile.


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