Museveni’s Gov’t on spot As Military Man Shoots Three Family Members Dead And Disappears

By Stella Chichi
Ugandan president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is currently under pressure from Ugandans to take action. They’re asking him to restrain his military service officers from using excessive force against civilians.

There have been a lot of reports in Uganda claiming that the officers are using live bullets while dispersing political rallies.

Recently, a journalist was allegedly shot by the police and Robert Kyagulanyi’s bodyguard was allegedly run over by the military van too. This angered Ugandans despite the government denying that the death of the bodyguard was due to a fall from a speeding car.

Well, a way from politics, it has been reported that a Ugandan military officer entered a home and shot three people dead before escaping. This has angered a section of Ugandans who are alleging that the military men are a failure.

Here are some reactions.

“In Uganda everything is possible nanti we’re slaves in our own country. Those with guns seem to be owning us and they’re immortal.” Posted Stanley.

“The police has never wanted it’s brutality to be exposed by the media but this is a digital age where are cameras everywhere , so they should just keep it clean!” Posted Ken.

“Uganda is now becoming a laughing stock and a banana republic we all know that @PoliceUg will continue brutalising journalists as long as they keep on recording the truth, showing their dark side to the world. It’s unfortunate that people will continue to loose their lives” posted Mike.

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