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REVEALED :Machakos Senator’s ‘Mpango wa Kando’ Finally Identified as Police Probe His Collapse in Kilimani House

By Brighton M.
On Friday last week, reports went viral that Machakos Senator Boniface Kabaka had collapsed in an apartment in Kilimani and rushed to Nairobi hospital where he is admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Local dailies reported that the senator was in a company of a woman when the incident happened on Friday morning after the two checked in on Thursday afternoon together.

However, the family came out guns blazing rubbishing those reports. They alleged that the senator collapsed while at a restaurant in Kilimani and it was him who told the hotel management to call an ambulance to take him to Nairobi hospital.

They termed him as a man of high moral standing whose integrity is above reproach and unimpeachable.

“The senator collapsed on Thursday while having a drink at a restaurant in Kilimani area, but was still conscious and he requested the management to call for an ambulance to rush him to Nairobi Hospital,” read the statement from the family.

Details have since emerged that Senator Kabaka was actually in a company of a woman in a Kilimani apartment at the time of his collapse.

This is according to the Standard. The daily reports that senator Kabaka drove himself to Kilimani on Thursday and checked in at 3Dee Apartment at 2 pm and booked apartment No 306. He was of good health according to witnesses.

One hour later, he was joined by a woman, Esther Nthenya Muli, who is said to be a secondary school teacher from Wote, Makueni County. This is according to police reports as seen by the Standard.

The two spend the Thursday evening and night together until Friday morning when the senator collapsed and lost consciousness. Madam Muli then informed the apartment management who called an ambulance that rushed the senator to Nairobi hospital.

Esther Nthenya Muli was arrested on Friday and arraigned in court on Monday. Detective Jason Matete is said to be the one investigating the incident. On Monday, he asked the court to detain Ms Muli for seven more days so that to give him and his team more time to probe the matter.

He submitted in court that senator Kabaka and Ms Muli ordered food and drinks together through the phone during their stay at the apartment.

“From the apartment room, they ordered drinks and food through telephone from the nearby 3Dee Restaurant, which were brought and served by the apartment’s employees,” said investigating officer Jason Matete.


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