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7 Secret on how to Live a Normal Life while HIV positive.

Nobody wants to be HIV positive.Everyone desires good health.When you discover you are HIV positive at first you get shocked and a lot of negative things run in your mind and thoughts.Fear overcomes you and hopes of living dwindle, but in real sense is that you can still live long and normal life after being positive like any other person.

Here are some of secrets on how to live a normal life while HIV positive:


Accept that you are HIV positive and there is no way you will be negative.It is not your fault to be in such condition, it is just a mistake that has happened and the fact is that you can’t reverse it.

2.Take your medication.

Do not skip any day without taking your medicines, take them at the right time.Taking one tablet a day won’t cost you anything and if you take your medications appropriately and adhere to what your health care provider tells you never will you complain of any health problems.The medicines boost your immunity to be strong to fight other infections and diseases so it is very rare for you to fall sick.The only difference between you and a negative person will be that of taking medicine on daily basis.

3.Move on

Don’t base your thoughts on what happened on you.The imminent of reality is that you are now postive focus on how you will put yourself together and start life afresh.Figure out out how you will continue with life as usual despite being in such condition.Life won’t stop because you are positive it will go on as normal and nothing will change,you will go to work and carry on with your activities as usual.The only thing has changed is your health status and you you can’t stop running your business because of the condition.Keep moving.

4.Keep your social interaction normal

Interact with your family, friends and also make new friends.HIV is not a barrier for you to be lonely.The good thing is that no one knows you are HIV postive, your health status is always a secret to yourself unless you decide to share it out at your own peril.

5.Act normal

Do not act in a manner that everyone will know you are going through a certain problem or condition in your life, act normal.HIV is just a condition you are able to live with it and control it, do not let it rob your peace of mind and happiness.Be happy and enjoy life like any other person, do not let it overcome you and begin to act abnormal untill you rise alarm to people surrounding you that there is something wrong with you.You should be strong, remember strong walls shake but they never collapse.Always keep in mind you are not going to die anytime soon and keep on doing things that will add value in your life.

6.Managing stress

Avoid stress at all costs and know how to manage them.When you feel like you are stressed up find something better to do, remember an idol mind is a devil’s workshop.Instead of being idol do some exercise , read novels, listen to music, watch a movie or join your friends and chat with them and crack jokes.Keep your mind busy with something and stress won’t overcome you.

7.Be determined to fulfill your goals

Immediately you are HIV positive it does not mean your future is ruined.You still have a future just be determined, work towards your goals, pursue your dreams and be who you always wanted to be. Let not being positive be an obstacle for you not becoming what you have been desiring in life,it is just condition to challenge and strengthen you and at the end you will emerge a victor.With that condition you will succeed just get yourself together, put God first , keep on working towards your goals and always hope for a better tomorrow.

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