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How the 21 year old boy who captured and tortured Gaddaffi died

The death of Gaddaffi was one of the most serious deaths of a head of state.
The humiliation he underwent before he died were unbelievable bearing in mind he was the president of such a growing nation.

Gaddaffi sustained serious injuries as a result of gunshots that caused his death on his way to the hospital on that day.

After his death many people came out to give the evidence of what exactly transpired during the moment of his death with some even claiming to have been part of the group that killed the former Libyan president.

Many people took part in the killing of the Libyan so called dictator and one person known is a young man by the name Omran shaaban.

Several rebel militia who took part in the act gave an account on several television interviews and Omran is just among them.

They would narrate how they found Gaddaffi hiding in a tunnel and then flashing him out mercilessly. Omran, in one interview narrated how he became the first person to spot Gaddafi in the tunnel just by looking at his hair. He instantly acted and dragged him.

Omran who was only 21 years of age at the time was at the forefront in the killing of Gaddaffi and his bravery made him famous at that time and even later.

It however seems like the young would die a death similar to that of Gaddafi as his own was not a peaceful one because he too like Gaddaffi, was shot and died in his way to hospital.

Not long after the public confession of being the one who captured Gaddaffi, he was kidnapped by a group of unknown people just in his own country in Libya. Many however believe these were people closely associated to Gaddaffi during his lifetime.

Omran was tortured for many days for unknown reasons by the kidnappers. When he found an opportunity to try and escape to save his life, that was when he was shot two times.

In a critical condition they decided to take him to France for better treatment but did not survive to get proper medication.

He was buried in his hometown and because of his fame a lot of people attended his burial to show him the last respect.

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