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Bhang Makes Older Women Appear more beautiful – Kenyan Man tells court

Suspect Wycliffe Orinda who left a courtroom in stitches after confessing that he loves bhang, vodka and beer

A 27-year-old Nairobi tout on Tuesday left a courtroom in stitches after offering his testimony on the substances he abuses.

Wycliffe Alloys Orinda who appeared before Milimani Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku hilariously declared that there are two alcohol brands he enjoys because they give him courage.

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He also went on to explain that he uses bhang because it assists him in understanding the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Bill.

“I was high when l approached my 45-year-old wife with whom we have two beautiful children.

“l am never violent. When l down Blue Ice and a puff of bhang l become very high and sexy. I see older women as if they are young women my age. I make them happy and they feel very nice in my hands,” Orinda told the judge asking to be freed.

He added: “I smoke bhang, drink Senator [keg] and smoke cigarettes only to unwind, never when I’m driving or doing my work. These substances give me courage and make me happy. They also make me feel like I’m on a journey…to get my wife and children back and to Canaan as outlined by BBI.”

Causing disturbance

Orinda was arraigned in court after being arrested for causing disturbance at his wife’s place of work.

Mr Orinda allegedly caused a scene at Revlon Plaza on Monday where his wife Caroline Wangui works.

He claimed that he had only gone to the workplace seeking to see his two children.

Magistrate Mutuku ruled to have Orinda remanded until January 28, 2021.

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