How Raila is Blindly Drinking From Uhuru’s Poisoned Chalice


Should Raila Odinga decide to call it quits in politics, historians, biographers and linguists will verily convene an emergency meeting to chronicle that the doyen has achieved since he left the corporate world to join politics in earlier 80’s.

Adjectives and nouns such as; inexplicable, radical ideologue, a liberalist, persistent, selfless and visionary a leader who was driven by a larger common good like the likes of Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana will be used to describe who Raila was.

Historians and Biographers will press linguists to come up with more adjectives to crown this son of Jaramogi and Ajuma, but their wells will find none.

Technically, Raila is one hell (pun intended) of a politician whose pattern and political form is hard to phantom. He is more of the proverbial cat with nine lives for many are the times his enemies thought him politically dead only to resurface later, energized and beastly like.

With the country hurtling towards it’s third general elections under the new constitution, Agwambo’s name has severally been mentioned alongside the presidential hopefuls who are angling to occupy that which currently under Uhuru Kenyatta’s grip.

Whereas his new found camaraderie with his erst political foe turned friend Uhuru Kenyatta has been described as strategic and casuistic a move, odds are; The doyen is blindly drinking from Uhuru Kenyatta’s poisoned chalice and immediately he takes the final sip, he is likely destined to fall down with a thud and boom! Raila will be no more; politically that’s

Politically, or is it ideologically? Raila Odinga and William Ruto are immiscible. Their incompatible nature has seen them rubbing shoulders wherever they pump into each other.

Raila’s dramatic infiltration into Jubilee Government’s bowels saw Ruto and his lieutenants been expunged out. To ODM generals, this was one of the greatest victory in their battles against a prodigal son who had turned a nuisance to their party lord.

Jakom is presently sitting on the high table dining sumptuously with his host Uhuru Kenyatta. Uhuru’s hospitality has blindfolded Raila and the later is burning himself unknowingly.

Ruto and his lieutenants are currently traversing the country propagating their Hustlers vs Dynasties narrative. Many people have fallen to this tale and have boarded the Hustlers’ train, William is already in a campaign mood but Raila the man he will lock horns with is enjoying the breeze under Uhuru’s seasonal shade.

In the next seventeen months, Uhuru will be folding his political mats and to Jakom he will predictably say something of this kind; ‘Your stay is now over, it was nice hosting you, go well Agwambo’. By then Ruto will be miles away. What bad a thing!

Literary, methinks the Swahili wisemen had Raila Odinga in mind when they quipped; Ukiona mwenzako ananyolewa, tia chako maji. Raila was alive when William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta were inseparable a pair, its him whose supporters were smeared with bullets, its him the teargas canisters burst on and more entertainingly, he is the very Raila who is currently singing Hallelujah to Uhuru Kenyatta the man he claimed to have stolen his victory.

You tell me? If Uhuru can turn a cold shoulder on the man who cut stick for him, will the handshake stop him of playing yet another trick on Baba? When the deal is so sweet, think twice said the wise, Raila has thrown caution to the wind and he is currently fattening himself for a slaughter.

History is repleted to great giants who have fallen because of bad choices they made at critical moments. Raila fell to Moi’s ‘pyramid scheme’ in late 90’s, he then fell to Mwai Kibaki’s trap in 2002 and here he is at again in 2021. There is nothing new under the sun, what happened is prone to recur.

MACMILLAN NYABERI, is a Senior Political & Analysis Reporter at 254 NewsDay.

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