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I was scammed $1M to sleep with dogs in Ghana-Nigerian Lady recounts sad ordeal


A lady identified as Naomi has taken to social media to recount her sad ordeal.

The lady narrated how she was scammed by alleged fraud boys.

According to the lady, the men came to recruit some ladies for a p0rn movie and promised to pay them as much as 2 million Naira.

She further indicated that it turned out that the men who approached her were fake film producers as they forced her to sleep with dogs.

Read the lady’s full post below:

“I have sinned against God and man as well.I am just 23 years of age and an undergraduate in one of the state universities in the South West.

About a month ago, some guys came to our campus from Ghana. They were on a mission to recruit some girls into their porn industry.

We were promised heaven and earth and given one million naira as an advance payment. They said we could make as much as two million each, I know this sounds strange but it’s happening.Anyway.we were told it was just a normal straight scene.

On arrival,it was a different ball game as the act was with animals and pet dogs.I felt betrayed but was persuaded by my other friends to enter into a bargain with them.

They told us the video needed to be out as soon as possible and their foreign partners expected to see the clip in the shortest possible time. They persuaded us to increase our money to four million naira each.This was too tempting as we were paid in advance.

Well,we gave in to their demands and followed their instructions and got laid with the dogs.I left back for Nigeria the next day. The worse aspect of my story is that we didn’t know the place we visited in Ghana.

Could this be a pregnancy for the dog?A friend of mine said they are Yahoo boys and not film producers.I’m scared to visit the hospital. Please what should I do?”


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