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Meet first Kenyan man to own a car

104-years-old Gerald Gikonyo Kanyuira was the first man in Kenya to own a car.

Indeed, his story is as rich as he became; growing from earning a salary of KSh 4 to being a business mogul and a real estate.

In his hey days, Kanyuira was the first man to proudly drive an Austin which he bought with his friend.

The car cost him KSh 300. This was vast fortune considering that Kanyuira was only making KSh 4 as salary per month.

KSh 4 in his day was a lot of money. It is the equivalent of making a six figure salary in 2017.

He began working at Mathari catholic coffee plantation as a casual laborer before moving on to greener pastures.

He had saved and bought goats which supplemented his earnings.

Around that time, he secured a job with Kenya Co-operative union with a salary of KSh 20 which was quite a hefty amount.

Today, at 104, Kanyuira is a respected business man with interests in real estate and businesses.

He is a father to 23 children and a smattering of grandchildren all over Kenya.

He has been married to 4 wives three who have already passed on.

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