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‘Pray For Me’, Isaac Mwaura Worried of Uhuru’s Revenge After Attacking Kenyatta family

Outspoken Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura says he is in need of prayers, fearing President Uhuru Kenyatta could harm him.

During the homecoming of newly-elected Msambweni MP Feisal Bader on 31st of December 2020, Mwaura said Kenyans are tired of the leadership of royal families.

He accused the families of Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Moi and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga of running the country as a private property.

“We must say no to dynasties. Since independence, the three families have been in power. 2022 we have decided we are taking a son of peasant to State House,” he said, as he announced that he had officially joined the Tangatanga group.

President Kenyatta on Saturday, 9th January, condemned Mwaura, describing him as a thankless person.

The Head of State said Mwaura should be ashamed of calling out the three families and yet they have helped him to be where he is.

“I heard him say Kenyans are tired of certain families. He should remember that Kenya is a democratic country and we are elected by the Kenyan voters. He can’t even remember he wasn’t elected like me,” the President said.

But now Mwaura believes President Kenyatta may have warned him indirectly.

“I’m a very small person in this country. I don’t understand he (Uhuru) was responding to me. I just said the truth and now he is unsettled. Pray for me,” he said.

Mwaura was speaking in Kayole, Nairobi, on Sunday, 10th January, when he attended a church service graced by Deputy President William Ruto and his allies.

The senator joined active politics in 2013 when Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) nominated him to represent persons with disabilities in the National Assembly.

Before 2017 General Election, he decamped to Jubilee Party, saying he wanted to contest for the Ruiru parliamentary seat, where ODM was unpopular. He was defeated by Simon King’ara, who won in Jubilee primaries and subsequently in the main poll.

Luckily, the ruling party nominated for a similar position that the Orange party had handed him, but now in the Senate.

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