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BIZARRE :High Court judge discovers all 3 children with ex-wife are not his

Delta State High Court Judge Anthony Okorodas. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

A High Court judge in Nigeria has discovered that all the three children he had with his ex-wife are not biologically his.

Justice Anthony Okorodas of the Delta State High Court said in a statement early this week that he had conducted DNA tests on his three children in August 2020 after receiving a tip-off from an anonymous source claiming his last child with the ex-spouse was not sired by him. Okoroda’s ex-partner left the marriage in 2009.

The judge has — since the children’s birth — been sponsoring their education. Two of the children are educated to university level, whereas the last born, who is 17 years old, is in high school.

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Describing the discovery as “devastating”, Okorodas said he and his current wife will continue footing the last-born child’s education, nonetheless.

Detailing how he discovered that the three children were not his, Okorodas said he received an anonymous tip-off during the COVID-19 lockdown in April 2020 that one of the children wasn’t his.

In August 2020, the judge subjected their teenage child to DNA examination. The results indicated Okorodas did not share any genes with the teenager.

Following the shocking discovery, the judge went ahead to collect the other two children’s DNA samples for testing. The paternity test results returned negative, suggesting Okorodas did not sire the first two children too.

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“Sometime during the coronavirus lockdowns, early last year, I received information from an anonymous source that indicated that the last of the three children from my previous marriage was in fact not my biological child,” Okorodas said in a statement as quoted by Nigerian newspaper, Punch.

“Although she initially strongly insisted that I was the biological father, she has since confessed to having the child with another man during the course of our marriage.

“This repulsive act of my ex-wife prompted me to conduct DNA tests in respect of the two other children. A few days ago, the results came out. Sadly, none of them is my biological child,” said Okorodas.

The judge said his parental support for the children won’t stop following the discovery.

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“[My current wife] Ebi and I will continue to support the children in any way that we can. Indeed, even after the release of the first DNA test result which proved that I was not the biological father of the last child, we have continued to pay for his education in a private boarding school,” he said.

Okorodas has four children with his current wife.

Unlike in his previous marriage, all the children he got in his current marriage are biologically his, DNA test results indicated.

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