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Anger as Man on Wheelchair is Hit and Killed by Politician’s Car Rushing to Sagana Meeting

A family in Nyeri County is seeking justice after their kin was killed by a politician’s convoy that was headed to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s meeting with Mt Kenya leaders in Sagana.

Reports by indicate that Christopher Nderitu was run over by three vehicles 200 meters from his home in Karundas on the Chaka Sagana road.

Speaking to a local media house, his widow Fortunate Muthoni appealed to the police to apprehend those responsible.

“My husband was disabled and I do not understand how someone like him could die like that,” she wondered.

The witness who accompanied Nderitu confirmed to the police that one of the vehicles which hit Nderitu had tried to overtake on a speed bump.

“We saw the vehicles coming from Chaka at a very high speed.

“I cautioned Chris about how dangerous they were moving but he told me not to worry because he was sure they could see him and keep to their side of the road,” the witness stated.

However, the motorcade did not slow down but instead hit the disabled man. The first vehicle hit him, sending him off his wheelchair as the other two ran him over.

The motorcade stopped as the accident attracted nearby residents who came to Nderitu’s aid. Police officers soon rushed to the scene to clear the wreckage.

The three vehicles along with Nderitu’s wrecked wheelchair were towed to Naromoru police station’s impound yard.

Police officers from Kieni East police Division in Sagana confirmed that they had inspected the vehicles and released them back to their owners the same day.


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