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Kenyan Man Dies as He Predicted Two Years Ago

William Cherongony during the baptism session| TV47

A 96-year-old man in Baringo North in Baringo County has died after he prophesied his own death two years ago.

William Cherongony, better known as ‘Dr Kahawa’, told his family that his only death wish was to be baptised as he had not gone through the Christian rite as a child.

He was then baptised on July 5th 2018 at Ossen AIC Church.

According to the African Initiation Church (AIC), baptism is marked when one’s body is fully immersed in water then immediately pulled out.

On the day of his baptism, members of the church decided to boil hot water as the cold weather would not allow a man of his age to be dipped in cold water.

“At the time it was very cold. We were able to boil water so as to fulfill the old man’s wishes,” Reverend Elijah Katya, Cherongony’s pastor explained.

Immediately after his baptism, Dr Kahawa prophesied he was going to die two years from that day.

As he had predicted, Cherongony passed on two years later, although not on the same exact date.

The man’s prophetic predictions did not shock his family seeing that they had witnessed their father’s projections.

“We know that guka went to heaven. He was very religious and prayerful and talked of going to heaven upon his death,” said Lilian Ruto, Cherongony’s daughter.

His memorial ceremony is set for Saturday, 20 February 2021.


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