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Kenyans Raise Ksh1.3 Million in 24 Hrs for an ailing Infant’s Bill in India

Kenyans have expressed the power of unity on social media after coming together to help raise funds to settle the medical bill of an ailing one-year-old baby

Baby Baraka who underwent a liver transplant in India will now be able to continue receiving treatment after Kenyans raised Ksh1.3 million in 24 hours to offset the Ksh876,000 medical bill.

The fundraiser was started by activist Ndungu Nyoro on Tuesday, February 2, and 24 hours later, Kenyans had helped raise more than the required amount.

Taking to his social media account, Nyoro thanked all those who came to the family’s aid.

“The fundraiser for the little baby has now crossed Ksh1.3 million as of 11am. Love and more love coming. Kenyans have decided to support Baby Baraka for the duration of his treatment in India. Thank you online family,” Nyoro stated.

Baby Baraka was diagnosed with Alagille syndrome, a genetic disorder that mainly affects the major organs of the body such as the liver or the heart.

In the case of Baraka, the condition affected the liver which was caused by abnormalities in the bile ducts. The severe condition had not been diagnosed until seven weeks after the baby was born.

Baby Baraka in hospital after undergoing a liver transplant in India| FACEBOOK

Initially, doctors had speculated Baraka to have jaundice and informed the mother that the problem would disappear once she exposed Baraka to sunlight.

However, the condition worsened with regular vomits, passing of whitish grey stools and excessive itching.

The parents would later take the infant to hospital and after several tests, the doctors entailed that there was obstruction of the bile duct.

Seeking a secondary opinion, the parents transferred Baraka to Kenyatta National Hospital where the test results emerged the same.

The doctors affirmed that the baby urgently needed a liver transplant and the surgery could only be performed in India.

Baraka was put on medication as the parents sought funds from friends and wellwishers to take their ailing child to India.

This is not the first time that Kenyans have shown compassion for one another and raised funds for a great cause.

In a similar instance, Kenyans raised Ksh583,185 for Duncan Misati Nyakundi, a cancer patient in order to undergo brain surgery.

Baby Baraka in hospital after undergoing a liver transplant.FILE

Celebrities such as Artiste Hubert Nakitare (Nonini) and renowned lawyer Cliff Ombeta came to Nyakundi’s aid and surpassed the amount needed for the surgery. Nyakundi had been diagnosed with two brain tumors and his family was required to raise Ksh550,000 in order to book the surgery.

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