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Meet Kenya’s longest-serving Female MP who has never lost an election

Women have a long way to be relevant in the political scene.In Kenya,female politicians have fought to survive and compete with their male counterparts in elections.

Taita Taveta Mp Naomi Shaban,is a kenyan female Politicians,who has gone against all odds to sail through Kenyan politics.

She come to political seen in 2002 after being elected to Parliament on a KANU ticket,from there onwards,she has remained to be the longest serving female legislator in Kenya,She has been an Mp for more than two decades now.

She has been a KANU die hard,and in 2007 she was re-elected on the same KANU ticket. During that period she also served as the as the minister for Special Programmes Minister and later Youth Affairs Ministry.

In 2013 she defected to TNA Party,a party she used to win the Taveta MP.During that time she braved an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) at the coastal towns to emerge the winner.

The experience legislator is still serving as an Mp and currently she still remains as the longest female legislator in the history of Kenyan politics.


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