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VIDEO: Tanzanian translator caused stir among mourners after mistranslating President Ramaphosa’s speech in Dodoma

There was drama on Monday during the State Funeral of deceased Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli, when the translator of the day blatantly mistranslated South African President Cyril Ramphosa’s speech.

The South African leader had taken to the podium to give his condolence messages to the late Magufuli’s family and Tanzanians when the unexpected happened.

Ramaphosa delivered his speech in English and it was up to the translator to relay the message in the Swahili language which majority of the mourners understood.

However, many were shocked at the translators deliberate misinterpretation of the speech when Ramaphosa talked about Magufuli’s dislike for foreign trips.

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The Swahili translator, decided to interpret the reason why Magufuli didn’t travel outside Tanzania using his own words… Saying Magufuli loved to listen and give directions to his fellow leaders.

The mourners were forced to laugh by his interpretation.

And while he caused murmurs in the stadium, he also lit the internet as netizens reacted to the mistranslation.

See some of the reactions below;

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John: That Tanzanian translator must be the same guy who was doing sign language during the burial of Nelson Mandela

Wa Mucunu: Kenyans are laughing at the translator for misinterpreting what President Ramaphosa had said but the fact of the matter is that he could not relay the message the way it was to the Tanzanian people since it reflected negatively on the late President Magufuli.

Abu: The translator at the Late JP Magufuli’s funeral service was on numerous occasions shouted down by mourners when he chose to misinterpret Pres. Ramaphosa’s speech. He blatantly and shamelessly did so thinking Tanzanian’s don’t know English.

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Lotus: so the tanzanian translator literally got chakwera wrong when he said “may his name be ……. in all the capitals in Africa” and translated it like “may his name be….in all the “kabati”(Cup boards) in AfricA. Your guy should tone it down with the accent .


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