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President Uhuru DECLINES the removal of DP William Ruto

Jubilee Party members allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta have reportedly disagreed on a decision to eject Deputy President William Ruto from the party.

A report by The Standard on Monday, March 22, indicated that two factions have differed on whether to go ahead with the move immediately or push to a later date.

One section claims that the DP should be removed with immediate effect as campaigns for the upcoming 2022 general elections heat up.

The other group, however, prefers that the Head of State should wait it out and use the ejection card as leverage in future political battles.

Speaking to the publication, Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju confirmed that a meeting had been convened by the National Management Committee to iron out the issue.

“We have a National Management Committee meeting tomorrow but I can neither confirm nor deny if that (ouster) would be on the agenda.

“I cannot talk of an agenda before it is adopted by the meeting,” stated Tuju on Sunday, March 21.

The meeting is expected to precede that of the National Executive Council (NEC) which is slated to take place later on.

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro, who is a fierce supporter of Ruto, dared Jubilee Party to eject the DP noting that Jubilee Party was no longer as influential as in the days of yore.

“We are not interested, in any one way, in an outfit called Jubilee Party. You have so much baggage. You have taken this country into an abyss of debt. Jubilee, as we know, and as we believe, is a party of the past.

“Do not think you will threaten anyone by purporting that you want to remove the Deputy President. You are removing from something that is neither here nor there,” he claimed.

The plan to eject Ruto from Jubilee Party leadership has been on the cards since October 2020 with Tuju noting that the move would not affect his constitutional role as the deputy president.

Tuju noted that the process would only remove Ruto from the Deputy Party leaders’ post and not his position as Deputy President of the country.

“He will still hold this position as Deputy President, even if he is removed as Deputy Party Leader. The DP does not have to be the leader of a party.

“He will remain the DP, unless he is impeached by Parliament,” Tuju explained at the time.

Deputy President William Ruto at Jubilee Party headquarters on September 22, 2020


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