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REVEALED :Why Raila Might Support DP Ruto’s 2022 presidential Bid.

ODM party leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto have been bitter rivals for a decade now since they worked together in 2007. They have conflicted one another on almost every national issue with everybody reading sinister motive from the other.

Efforts by president Uhuru Kenyatta to unite them have fell on deaf ears as they have always pulled on different directions. Odinga is looking forward to succeed president Kenyatta same as William Ruto.

Raila Odinga has however remained cagey and has not said anything to mean he would be running for presidency in 2022.

Some leaders have however vowed to ensure Raila Odinga is in the ballot in 2022 though it’s his choice to run or not.

William Ruto has before supported Raila Odinga presidential ambitions shelving his in 2007, to ensure Odinga captured power. He was taken to ICC all for defending and standing strong to ensure the rights of Raila Odinga were respected as he believed Raila Odinga had won elections that time. This election was marred by chaos leading to death and displacement of persons.

Raila Odinga and William Ruto have also worked together and Raila Odinga is well aware that William Ruto knows a lot of his secret political cards. He might support William Ruto all to return the favour he has earned from William Ruto through his support in 2007.

Raila Odinga might also face betrayal as well from Uhuru Kenyatta or his supporter’s as politics has no parmanent friends nor enemies. The president might back William Ruto against Raila Odinga owing central Kenya region is largely behind William Ruto and president Kenyatta might find it hard to change their support in favour of Raila Odinga.

This will heavily affect Raila Odinga political muscle and lead to his retirement as well support William Ruto so not to lose again as Obviously it would be difficult for any other candidate to defeat William Ruto. The deputy president is a master strategist and even Raila Odinga would definitely want to also be associated with victory.

It’s however not to mean that Raila Odinga will support William Ruto in 2022. However politics is about interest and he might do it at his right time.

Politics is not about enemity but interests and service for the common man, hence it’s probable and possible to have Raila Odinga working with William Ruto all for the unity of the country post 2022.


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