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9-Months pregnant woman raped, Husband killed after Couple Refuses to surrender Maize in Bungoma

A heavily pregnant woman was raped and her husband killed following a night attack by four hooded men in Bungoma County.

The woman, 29,whose identity yet to be known, is admitted at Chwele Sub County hospital Referral Hospital.

According to reports by TV47, She is in a stable condition and her baby is expected to survive.

A police report says the woman and her 36-year-old husband were asleep in their two-roomed mud hit when the thugs struck. They gained entrance by breaking through the door.

“once inside, they raped the wife who is 9 months pregnant and due to delivery any time. Thereafter, they demanded to be given money and the only bag of maize in the house,” says the police report.

The husband had only ksh 300, which he handed over to the thugs. He refused to part with Maize, whereupon “the assailants picked an axe which was within the house and used the same to hit and cut the Deceased on the head three times killing him on the spot.”

DCI Bungoma Central processed the scene. While the woman was rushed to hospital, the body of the deceased was removed to Bungoma County Referral hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem. Police are conducting investigation that will lead to the arrest of the suspects.

-Source :TV247

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