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African Continental Unity Party holds Global Conference

The African Continental Unity Party (ACUP), a Pan African political movement which seeks to unite all Africans within Africa and Africans across the diaspora along a common vision of re-establishing the African Continent as a Global Power is organizing its first global Conference to discuss this vision.

Speaking to the media, Mr. John Kabala who is a member of the ACUP Communications team emphasized the need of bringing all members of the African family globally on one table to discuss the way forward for Africa.

Mr. Kabala asserts that the title for this year’s conference is “Africa Arise” and it will bring together representatives from East Africa, West Africa, Southern and Central Africa, as well as a representative of members of the African family in the Diaspora to highlight and discuss the African situations across these regions.

There will also be the presence of Keynote Speakers in the persons of His Excellency Dr. Favour Ayodele and Bishop Joshua Maponga to examine the African situations as presented by regional representatives and offer recommendations on the ways forward to the ACUP movement.

The conference which is scheduled to take place online due to Coronavirus restrictions will come off on 1st of May 2021 at 7pm GMT and will be opening for attendance to members of the party and the general public as well.

Register to attend: Meeting ID: 84223111637 PASSCODE: 238002

According to Mr. Kabala, the ACUP movement has already established its presence and begun national and local mobilization in Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, and South Africa.


It has also established representatives in the Gambia, South Sudan, Tanzania, and across the Diaspora.

Individuals and organisations who wish to participate in the event can register freely on the Party’s website:


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