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Angry Kenyans on social media threaten to deport Ugandan Activist Stella Nyanzi

The FDC Kampala Woman MP candidate Stella Nyanzi has revealed that angry Kenyans on social media have threatened to deport her if she does not ‘shut up’.

Nyanzi, who posted on her Facebook account yesterday said that Kenyans are stopping her from expressing herself but instead be grateful that they can accommodate her.

“Another horribly evil group of human beings commanded me to be quiet because I am a foreigner seeking refuge in Kenya. They ordered me to politely stay in my place lest they would withdraw their hospitality to me in their country. They forced me to be grateful that refugees have taken advantage of Kenya’s relative peace to seek refuge here for many many many years,” she posted.

Stella Nyanzi adds that she has received messages and comments asking her to return to Uganda if she finds Kenya hostile.

”Stella Nyanzi You are in our country on refuge and still have guts to portray Kenya as a cursed country just coz of one unfortunate case.Pack and leave if you think our country is a risky place to be. Whom do you think you are?” read a comment from Charles Njuguna.

“Stella Nyanzi we have enough human rights activists here. We can’t continue hidding you at the same time exposing our rot. We will hand u over to the old dictator,” Favour Muttunga posted.

She says the social media attack comes after she posted about a refugee who was burnt along with several others in Block 13 of Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya.

Nyanzi shows her disappointment with some Ugandans who have also attacked her instead of defending her. She says this is mainly because she doesn’t share the same beliefs with them.

”And the horribly evil Ugandans just outdid themselves by combining homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia, tribalism, ethnicism, and a deep hatred for me because I hold different beliefs and values to some of them. All these sentiments were freely expressed on my timeline and in my in-box as threats, shaming, mockery, insults, and dismissals,” she posted.

Early in February, Nyanzi’s lawyer, Prof George Luchiri Wajackoyah, in an interview said Nyanzi left Uganda seeking political asylum in Kenya.


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