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Angry Kenyans storm IMF facebook page over country’s excessive borrowing

Angry Kenyans stormed International Monetary Fund(IMF) official Facebook page on Saturday complaining the country’s high appetite for foreign loans.

They flood the Facebook page after the platform updated a statement saying that IMF Executive Board has approved a three-year financing package of US$2.34 billion to support Kenya’s pandemic response and economic reform program.

“The IMF Executive Board has approved a three-year financing package of US$2.34 billion to support Kenya’s pandemic response and economic reform program. Approval of the ECF/EFF enables immediate disbursement of about US$307.5 million, usable for budget support. This follows Fund emergency support to Kenya in May 2020 (100 percent of quota, equivalent to US$739 million at the time of approval, see Press Release No. 20/208),” the body said in statement posted on its Facebook page.

Thousands of Kenyans expressed their dissatisfaction with the statement, telling IMF the country was led by thieves, duping international creditors so they can have the money into their pockets.

The comments have so far left the country in a near compromising situation, exposing the filth, rot and what the ordinary citizen thinks of the nation and its leadership.

Here are lamentations from some of them:

“But why do you keep loaning Kenya money? Haven’t we been telling you those funds end up in a few cartels pockets? What is our president giving you in return? Anyway.. Just so you know, Kenya’s health ministry has now been rebranded wealth ministry courtesy of your loans! Not even a single coin will reach the common man either in terms of vaccine or drugs! Michinga nyinyi.”- Ciku Gatiba Lyne .

“In Kenya, the President told us that, himself and his cartels steal 2B (~20 Million USD) per day from poor Kenyans. Thank you for funding their loot for the next 128 days.”Mary Mukami

“This money is going to be stolen just like the previous loans. You’re complicit on this con-game. What a shame!’- Jim Bonnie

“DEAR IMF, Can you retract your statement and clearly state that the IMF has been funding The Kenyatta Family since inception. Kenya is and will never be afilliated to the Kenyatta’s, just a coincidence of names and a very grave mistake our citizenry made in enthroning one of his scions to power. IMF either you stop advancing those useless loans or ask the beneficiary to give you their personal property as collateral, not state resources. Regards.” – Brian Sang Rutto

“How about you subdivide all that amount and MPESA us equally? Otherwise we shall see it on viusasa.”- Baba Angela Wa Probox

“DEAR IMF, Did you know that majority(81%) of Kenyans do not approve of the government’s appetite for foreign loans.. According to the survey by Infotrak in 24 counties, 62 per cent of Kenyans are of the opinion that it is not a good thing to regularly borrow externally. A total of 81 per cent of those interviewed said the level of Kenya’s foreign debt makes them feel anxious, fearful or angry. According to the 2021 Budget Policy Statement, Kenya’s public debt as of June 2020 stood at Sh7. 06 trillion, equivalent to 65 per cent of GDP. President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Central backyard topped the list of those opposed to regular borrowing at 69 per cent.
It was followed by Coast – 67 per cent, Rift valley – 66 per cent, Nairobi 62 per cent and Western 60 per cent. The study released on Wednesday indicates 52 per cent of Kenyans are of the opinion that the government’s handling of the debt is poor. Only 12 percent of the 800 respondents said the government is properly using the loans. The majority of those unhappy with the government’s handling of foreign loans come from Western, Coast, Central, Nairobi and Eastern regions.


“Why give aid in form of donor funds to a thievery, corrupt and overly inept Kenyan government that has misappropriated, looted and stolen all past monies given by donor’s to mitigate Covid-19, malaria, HIV and other diseases??? Why do you want to subject ordinary poor Kenyans to over taxation and repayments of funds that weren’t used for their benefits???

We ordinary Kenyans refuse to be used as conduits to enrich the overly corrupt and thievery ruling elite led by President Uhuru Kenyatta whose family is on top of the looters and thieving list. IMF should NOT give any funds at all, to this thievery corrupt Uhuru Kenyatta government.” –David Ngunjiri

“Take this money to Yemen and Syria not here in Kenya where it’s already stolen before it reaches our shores.IMF must prove they’re not part of corrupt cartel killing our fragile economy.

This is your chance.’ –Oduk Miyoma

“Stop those stupid loans at the end of it all the money will be stolen. Covid is killing us their is no help from Kenya government why should you give them money to steal.” –Nana Mhesh

“You need to listen to us as Kenyans,we are the people who suffer after this loans end up in some few individuals (mostly) President and his family pockets…Don’t loan us we have suffered enough in the hands of these RELATHIEVES….Unless you are conduits… DON’T LOAN US!”-Chege WA Kūngū

“IMF, kindly don’t loan Kenya. If you loan Kenya,the loan will end up in someone’s pocket just like it happened the other day with EUROBOND.” – Kenneth Ken Mutwiri

“Why fund criminal Enterprise”-Wrists Ivan

“IMF you are abetting crime in Kenya. Our president testified his government was stealing 2B kshs per day, and you continue loaning them more. We are sad as Kenyans with this move.” –Dm Maina Mbogo

“You are encouraging and sponsoring corruption in Kenya”-Abukaka Abukaka SC

“All these funds are going to end up in foreign accounts of the swindlers of Kenyan coffers.

Kindly ensure you have accountability measures before you disburse monies to my motherland Kenya. We don’t benefit from your loans, because they are majorly stolen, but we bear the burden of paying them. Oh IMF, hear us!” –Donald L Agwenge

You just want to burden us,this government will not use that money to help a common person sleeping angry after losing job…they will do business with money …scandal loading!”-Daniel Koech Samoei

“IMF cartels and Kenya bandits government are eating more than the devil ! Stop Kenya loans as an urgent matter.”- Hon Sultan Sultan

“We hope President Uhuru kenyatta guaranteed this loan with his personal properties. He is a number one Thief in Africa. We are warning you as Kenyans.’- Kipngeno Maritim Ben

“But what is IMF doing, unless they’re part of the deal to finish us Kenyans they should explain to us how they keep giving out money to a government that has never shown accountability IMF Africa .what exactly are you showing us, that you also don’t care how Jubilee government has stolen all the previous monies given? Or have you bought our country and you’re not telling us, you’re part of this scam of a government, so even you are the problem.” – Rozy Agal Babie

“Sadly, it is a new era in the idea of International (Monetary) Bodies as agents of Economic Independence in Third World Countries. IMF has become an accomplice in the increasing destruction of economic strength of countries like my Kenya. The claims in Objectives 2, 3 & 4 are the exact opposite of what you are doing. We are sinking deep into debts and our assets and or resources are no longer ours. There is no big difference between taking a loan from IMF and a country say China or USA. It is all coming down on us because these monies do not translate to reasonable economic growth and development. In short, there is no translatable socio-economic benefit to an individual taxpayer. Corruption is taking it down! And it is not only internal, some of these monies are to lobby for more loans from countries that are out to seek an era of economic colonization. We are tired. Do not add us more trouble. You have a duty.”- Odhiambo Kaumah

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