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Ethiopia child-killer suspect arrives in Namibia

By Ester Mbathera |The Namibian
THE woman accused of killing her two minor children in Ethiopia last year in December yesterday arrived in Namibia on board an Ethiopian Airlines flights.

Kristofina Amutenya landed at the Hosea Kutako International Airport, accompanied by two Ethiopian police officers.

It is not known where she is being detained, as calls to both the executive director of international relations and cooperation, Penda Naanda, and police inspector general Sebastian Ndeitunga went unanswered.

Amutenya’s legal representative, Kadhila Amoomo, confirmed she would appear in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court today.

“I will find out more details from the prosecutor tomorrow,” he said.

Amutenya has been in police custody in Ethiopia since her arrest in December over the death of her children Jenay (9) and Jane (3) Haufiku at their family home in Addis Ababa.

Amutenya was married to Petrus Haufiku, who is Namibia’s trade attaché to Ethiopia.

Bertha Amakali, the ministry’s director of information and research, recently told The Namibian the government wished to repatriate Amutenya for trial in Namibia.

She said the trial in Namibia would commence as soon as the Ethiopian authorities have completed their investigations and procedures.

“The ministry was informed by the embassy of Namibia in Addis Ababa that the Ethiopian police have finalised their investigations and have submitted a report to the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The relevant stakeholders are finalising the case, at which point the Namibian authorities will be requested to accompany the suspect in question home,” Amakali said.

The two countries do not have an extradition agreement.

Amakali said the accused still enjoys diplomatic immunity.

Francois Bangamwabo, a senior partner at FB Law Chambers, says according to the law on extradition, the two countries would have to set up an agreement to repatriate the suspect.

The agreement will give the Namibian authorities the power to prosecute the case.

“It (extradition) doesn’t mean the case has ended or the person has been acquitted or is not going to be prosecuted. The case will be based on the same elements and evidence as contained in the document which will be submitted by the extradition country, Ethiopia,” Bangamwabo said.

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