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KCSE Student Walks Out of Math Paper Two after it Proved to be Too Difficult

A male form four student at a school in Uasin Gishu County found the exam too confounding for his noggin during Tuesday’s Mathematics Paper Two.

The unnamed student literally fled from the examination room in the middle of the Mathematics Paper Two exam in the ongoing Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) national examinations.

His school principal thought on his feet and dashed after the student, catching up with him near the school fence. The school is adjacent to the dense Burnt Forest.

To calm down the student and persuade him to complete his Maths paper, the principal revealed he gave him a cup of milk to ease his jittery

“One of our students had to be provided a cup of milk for him to finish the paper. Pray for us all. We’ve seen things,” he said.

The principal, in a communication posted in the school’s teachers’ WhatsApp group, said the student’s behavior is a reminder of students who demand entertainment on Easter holiday instead of prepping for exams.

“Us who are with them, have no mercy….and when they are unable to solve the Math, we’ll chase and bring you back to finish government investment,” said the principal in the hilarious communication to teachers.

After the incident, a K24 Digital reports that a TSC official texted the principal to thank him for successfully intervening in the strange and unexpected situation examiners and invigilators found themselves in on April 6.

“Dear Mr. B*****, we sincerely appreciate the work you are doing as a teacher in the administration of the ongoing KCSE exams. TSC appeals to you to uphold high standards of integrity and overall ethical conduct as a teacher, center manager, invigilator, or supervisor. Let’s not bring the profession into disrepute,” said the TSC official.

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