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Meet Ibrahim Ambwere; The Tycoon Who Gave The Late President Moi a Headache


By LMosit
Back then in early 1980s, Ibrahim Ambwere shocked the nation when he offered to pay teachers their delayed salary amounting to Ksh 48 Million. Currently, this is equivalent to 4 Billion plus, taking into account inflation and other economic factors.

After offering to help he did not know that he was inviting trouble. He was genuinely sacrificing his earned money for the welfare of teachers. But the government interpreted it as an insult. The administration of the day began to go after his personal life.

Ambwere said in an interview with the Standard that he does not want to remember that incident. He says it still pains him a lot.

Ambwere Fraha Centre-Business Center-Kakamega

Ambwere’s mother was dumb and deaf. His father left when he four to go fight in the Second World War for the British, never to return. His mother died when he was eight.This made life more worse.

At 10 years old he followed a group of men to go work in Pyrethrum Plantation in Molo, Nakuru County. He quit this job on the first day since he was allergic.He was then employed by an Asian as a sweeper.

A job he did for 10 years. One day, his employer( an Asian)was leaving the country.He gave Ambwere a toolbox as a reward .Ambwere says this toolbox has all the details about his life from grass to grace.

Sena Properties-Ambwere Plaza, Kitale

He came back home with only Ksh 38 he had saved. When he came back, he received a cold reception from his relatives. He rented a house and started carpentry. He also married his first wife Zipporah.

Sena Properties-Kitale

As fate would have it, his breakthrough came in 1963 when he was contracted to make bed by Kaimosi Hospital. He was then given an old Ambulance since the hoapital could not afford to pay him. He used the Ambulance to transport timber to his shop(pun intended).

Ambwere Complex Hotel

After 5 years he built his own shop and a house. He then bid goodbye to rentals. Despite Ambwere being filthy rich, he does like to attract unnecessary attention. He says he only trust few people.Ibrahim has property in Kitale, Kakamega ( Ambwere Complex, Ambwere Plaza , Ambwere Complex Hotel) Mbale,Kisumu and Nairobi.

When Ambwere is asked about his networth, he says his culture does not allow him to disclose, but he admits that he is worth alot.

That’s all about Ambwere Ibrahim. From grass to grace.Thanks for taking your valuable time to got through this article.Follow me for this and more.Stay safe.

Courtesy : Opera News

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