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OPINION: Detailed List of Raila’s 2022 Possible Alliance

The world is defined by a race of existence in which those who are willing to come forward without giving up will succeed.

However, Kenyan politics is not driven by fairness, democracy, justice, and maturity. They say politics is a dirty game, and I think Kenyan politics is a perfect example. Political subversion, connmanship, political espionage, among other evil schemes to outwit your competitor, are all applied.

Raila Odinga has faced almost all the humiliations from his competitors. He was fighting for multipart up to the 2017 general elections, where he was teargassed, and his supporters shot dead. However, giving up has not been one of his options. He is currently positioning himself for the top seat come 2022.

Nonetheless, the hustler narrative is advanced by the deputy president William Ruto and has gone viral to almost every part of Kenya.

The deputy argues that leaders have been planning from the bottom, ending up leaving the low class with nothing to share.He is opining that he will start from the bottom to the top. Raila Odinga’s primary headache is William Ruto, but the handshake has advanced, becoming the fifth president of Kenya.

If he(Raila) will plan his party well and join forces with other formidable politicians, his chances will be higher. In our opinion, if Raila’s confidants will form the following alliance, then he might be crowned as the fifth president of Kenya.

1. President

The best bet as president in Raila Odinga’s lineup is him. According to the current and the constitution, the most powerful man is the president. It is prudent if he goes for it considering his colossal support base.

2. Prime Minister

Martha Karua is the best bet for the prime minister position. Gender balance and the regional balance must be considered. The woman from Kirinyaga is confident and will bring a large number of votes from the Mt Kenya region

3. Deputy President

Musalia Mudavadi is the best choice for the deputy president’s position considering his immense support from the western region, which has many votes.

4. Deputy Prime Minister

Hassan Joho is the best bet for the deputy prime minister position. He has a large following from the coast and a more prominent Muslim religion. The is firm, confident, and prosperous.

5. Deputy Prime Minister

Fred Matiangi is another person who is the potential to become the president shortly. His track record in education ministry and ICT speaks for itself.

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