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REVEALED : The Mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of KBC journalist

Police officers are investigating a call that was made by a thug that killed KBC journalist Betty Mutekhele after shooting her twice in the head, at a close range.

The shooter is reported to have accompanied Mutekhele to the bedroom upstairs, where he wanted to be given money and other valuables.

A police officer privy to the investigations stated that a key witness who was hiding in the house disclosed that the thug was receiving instructions on phone from an unknown person.

“Sisi tumetimbua (We have killed her),” the witness overheard.

All this time, other family members including her husband and two children were being held hostage by two other thugs in their living room.

Mutekhele had been accosted by the thugs at her gate as she arrived at her Ngong home at around 8:30pm.

The house help had gone to open the gate when she saw the trio who had been hiding in a nearby home that is still under construction. She ran and hid accompanied by one of Mutekhele’s children.

“There were screams and this prompted Mutekhele’s husband to walk out and check what the matter could be. It is here that the thugs asked Mutekhele to alight from his car and get inside the house together with her husband.

“The trio spent the first five minutes looking for the house help and they did not get her. She was hiding together with Mutekhele’s daughter,” a source privy to the matter told

The attackers left the home with the journalist’s laptop and mobile phone.

Police are seeking to find out who was the recipient of the phone call, why Mutekhele was the target and whether the thugs were after money or killing her.

Her body was taken to the Montezuma funeral home.

A number of journalists have mourned the deceased as a humble and hardworking scribe who will be dearly missed.

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