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Top 10 Funny Quotes by Justice Marete Njagi during search for Kenya’s Chief Justice

NAIROBI, Kenya– Justice David Marete Njagi was the fourth candidate to face the Judiciary Service Commission on Thursday as interviews for the country’s next Chief Justice entered the fourth day.

Appearing before the Olive Mugenda-led panel, Marete who has 35 years of legal experience noted that if appointed the next CJ, he will immediately address the backlog cases in the next three years.

He described himself as a daring leader and one who is focused and able to work with various kinds of people.During his interview before JSC panel,Kenyans were able to capture some his funny quotes.Here are some of his memorable quotes;

1. When I was born, it is the nurse who cried.

2. I am a very bad driver. If you leave the car with me, I will have to carry it.

3. I have answered the question, as to how satisfactory that answer is, that’s another question.

4. I am capable of this job, even my coffee shamba boy will tell you I’m capable.

5. My wife is a retiree, she takes her pension from the judiciary and eats it or throws it away.

6. When what you ordered is exactly what you got served.

7. The voice of Kenyans is all over the air, it’s Marete they want, this is the man, the voice of Kenya.A man who made the nurse to cry during his birth.

8. I know my salary is public knowledge. My conception of income was anything apart from salary. My pay slips are scattered all over.

9. I’m the one who issued Mathare mental hospital with a mental illness card.

10. I’m fit for CJ role because even Kenyatta became Kenya’s President without any experience.

He previously served as State Counsel in the Attorney General’s office for 15 years where he rose to the rank of principal state counsel.

From the State Law Office, Marete joined the Teachers Service Commission in 2003 as a senior principal legal officer until 2009 when he shifted to Africa Nazarene University as a law lecturer, then to ELRC division in 2012.

In 2012, Justice Marete was among the first judges to be appointed to the newly created Employment and Labour Relations Court under the 2010 Constitution.

Justice Marete handled some of the most contested and high profile labour disputes that led to his suspension for nearly five months after he was accused of misconduct, impropriety, conflict of interest and breach of judicial code of conduct.

He is remembered for coming to the rescue of civil servants seeking elective positions in 2017 when he declared election laws, which required them to resign six months before the election, invalid and unconstitutional.

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