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TURKANA: Mother of 12 unable to feed children after quadruplets shocker

By Bakari Ang’ela

When an expectant Arot Sugwar left her village four days ago to present herself at Kalemnyang dispensary in Loima, Turkana County, her expectation was to give birth to a baby.

Ms Sugwar arrived at the local health facility at 7am from her remote Kotela village in Kelemunyanga area, with labour pains.

But to her astonishment, a mother who expected to give birth to one baby, delivered four bouncing babies – all boys.

Before delivering the quadruplets, Sugwar was already a mother of eight children, which are part of four sets of twins.

With the arrival of the quadruplets, Sugwar is now a mother of 12.


However, unlike other mothers who celebrate after delivering bundles of joy, Sugwar is unhappy. The blend of intense gloom and deep thoughts is palpable on her face.

Sugwar who was referred to Lorungum Sub-county hospital after the delivery at the dispensary on Thursday says one of her 12 children died of starvation three years ago. She is still admitted in the hospital as doctors and nurses monitor the situation of the quadruplets.

“I am sad because my husband and I were unable to raise our seven children. One of them had died of hunger and I don’t know what awaits the quadruplets. I cry whenever I think about life after I am discharged from the facility,” Sugwar said from her bed at the Lorungum Sub-county hospital.

“At the hospital, I am offered free food and the newborns are given formula milk because my breast-milk is not enough for my babies.”

She described the arrival of her quadruplets as God’s blessings and thanked doctors for moving her and newborns to the sub-county facility.

In her Motela village, unlike Sugwar, only a small number of expectant women give birth in hospitals – most of them preferring birth attendants.

Her husband Nangor Eripon, a charcoal burner, says he has been on his wife’s side since Thursday when she successfully delivered, expressing fears that

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