WAS IT A LOVE TRIANGLE? Fresh details that led to the murder of Betty Barasa

According to a story published in the Nairobian today, police sources told the Nairobian that the killers of Betty Barasa, the KBC editor, are believed to have been hired by a sponsor’s wife. Betty’s sponsor. That the death might have been caused by a love triangle.

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The article claims that the sponsor lives somewhere in Ngong’. And that he (the sponsor) helped finance Betty’s family Ngong home – where she lived in with her husband and kids.

Betty Barasa, a senior video editor at the State broadcaster, was reportedly accosted at her gate as she returned home from work in her car – a Prado.

The three gunmen, two of whom are said to have been armed with AK47 rifles, led Barasa into the house where they held her family hostage and demanded money.

One of the gang members is then said to have led the journalist upstairs while the other two remained to keep an eye on the other family members.

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The family recalls hearing at least two gunshots coming from upstairs afterward, before the gunman came back down the stairs.

The thugs then picked Barasa’s laptop and phone and left the compound. 

The witnesses (the family) said that during the operation, the killers were on phone with someone.

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[…] WAS IT A LOVE TRIANGLE? Fresh details that led to the murder of Betty Barasa […]



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