New Opinion POLL REVEALS BBI Bill is Still UNPOPULAR In Kenya.

According to reports by an African-based research company (TIFA), only 19% of Kenyans say they would vote for BBI if a referendum was to be held.

31% of those sampled indicated they would vote AGAINST the BBI proposals if the referendum were to be held today.

It further states that a total of 50 % of Kenyans are either undecided, will not vote or not sure on how they will vote regarding the BBI proposals.

Their findings further break down the reasons for the 31 percent intending to reject BBI as follows:

¶ 10% due to increased budgetary allocation to counties,
¶ 8% due to use of government resources to promote BBI,

¶ 8% due to creation of Prime Minister and two Deputy Prime Minister positions,
¶ 7% due to creation of 70 new parliamentary constituencies,

¶ 6% due to satisfaction with the current Constitution and
¶ 4% due to creation of the position of leader of the official opposition.

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