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Ladies Finally Give 6 Reasons they Give Men Tough Time Before Accepting Love Proposal

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Ladies in Africa are known to give men tough time when the latter indicate love interest in them even if they also feel the same way. decided to let Ghanaian ladies explain why they put up the attitude by asking “why do girls take so much time to accept a boy’s proposal?”

See the post below:

Some Facebook users took to the comment section to answer the question and has listed a few of those answers.
1. Due to past betrayals

Laurene Oumba:“One of the reasons is that those girls lost trust and hope in love . Because of past betrayals and bad experiences.’

2. To study the man

HalimatuSadia Abubakar: “To study the guy oo, we don’t want any broken heart bia, nowadays lots of guys don’t have good intentions they just want to hit and run, so we have to know what we are getting ourselves into.”

3. To seek approval from others

Ato Zigaro: “They need much time to ask their ancestors for directions, guidelines and tips before they can accept ur application.”

4. Waiting to fall in love

Wendy Mantey: “you can’t just accept a guy who proposed love to you instantly. Sometimes, this guy will be studying you from afar so before he propose, he already knows you. Therefore, the lady also needs time to know this guy well.”

5. Feeling no connection 

Holmes Yvonne: “Trust me if a lady connects really well with a man she doesn’t take time unless she has unresolved issues with herself..Most times it’s if the man is not her kind of man or if she is doubtful and skeptical about the man involved that she tries to take time.. But the thing some ladies should understand is that a relationship that will last will last irrespective of the time frame in accepting proposal.”

6. Because the man has no money

Obaapa Swanzy: “Wonni sika ntia nka it doesn’t take 1 minute.”

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