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Brian Bera: Controversial State House Intruder Closes Church to Become ‘Fundi Wa Viatu”

KENYA: Brian Kibet Bera, a former Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) student,has resolved to close church and become a shoe repair specialist, nearly two years after he was shot at State House.

The self-proclaimed prophet based in Mt Elgon, Kitale has over 4,000 followers on his Facebook page which he has predominantly been using to preach, request for tithes and share his activities.

Bera lamented that most of his suspecting disciples aren’t generous enough to send him some tithes.

“Since people stopped sending me tithes, I have started shoes business. I brush people’s shoes in the morning and make okala shoes from old tyres in the afternoon.” he revealed.

Brian Kibet Bera/ Photo Courtesy

The former engineering student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) narrated his days in the university and how he has bigger dreams for his community.

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“I worked very hard at school.I used to score 100% in Mathematics on most exams from grade seven . I never used to help weak students unless you were a Kalenjin (my tribesman). I would say to myself, “these people from other tribes took away my ancestral land of Trans-Nzoia and Bungoma now they also want to take away my knowledge in Mathematics.” he narrated.

“I would lend my text books to my tribesmen only. When I woke up at 3:00 a.m. to study, I would wake up only Kalenjin classmates and leave the rest sleeping. In my last Mathematics exam before KCSE, I scored 99% in Mathematics.”

“My class teacher in grade seven Mr Charles Ongeso once said, “Brian Bera, you are very good in Mathematics, you will become an Engineer.”” he reiterated further.

Bera admitted that life’s struggles, challenges and harsh economic times compelled him to choose his uncomfortable and low income generating job.

“Lakini, si ata Fundi wa Viatu ni Engineer. So sad, that though I spent 22 years in school, I don’t know how to manufacture shoes yet rubber is plenty in nearby Congo for me to experiment with, yet hides and skins are plenty in all nearby butcheries for me to experiment with.” he lamented

In dramatic twist into the current political dispensation, Bera said that he had a dream being a mechanic in one of the hotels owned by Deputy President William Ruto.

His admiration for poshy life ended in deep utopia when he revealed that he had a dream riding in DP William Ruto’s limousines.

“Last night, I dreamt being a mechanic in the hotel of our king Samoei Arap Ruto. I also dreamt riding in Ruto’s kingly Limousine together with king Ruto. I pray God that this dream comes true. Amina.” he paused.

“I love Ruto because I dreamt being his servant the same way I love Ramla Chemonges the way I dreamt having married her and found her a virgin.”

“Last year I dreamt that Ruto will become king but Uhuru will use police to prevent Ruto from becoming king but Ruto will conquer Uhuru and become king.”
He said.

In a rejoinder, Bera asked for financial assistance through tithes and offering

“Support me with your tithes and offerings:
M-pesa : +254759187425 Brian Kibet Bera

PayPal:” he pleaded.

Brian Bera came into the limelight in June 2019 when he was reportedly shot by police officers at State House. He was accused of being armed with a knife and threatening to attack the security men after sneaking into President Uhuru Kenyatta’s home.

He was charged with trespass after being treated for the gunshot wound he sustained on his left shoulder plate. On his Facebook page, he shares photos of the gunshots to preach to his followers.

Detectives found out that Bera had threatened to attack the President prior to sneaking into State House. He had accused the head of state of orchestrating injustice against him in a series of posts on his previous Facebook page.

“Let this message reach President Uhuru Kenyatta and his people who stole my land and my inheritance. Even if Uhuru makes me his Deputy President, I will not accept. I’d rather be a slave among wise men than be a ruler among fools,” he posted arguing that they had been denied entry into a parcel in Mt Elgon.

His father – David Bera – however, pleaded for his release arguing that his son was suffering from a medical disorder, which prompted his daring action. He added that the son temporarily halted studies to focus on his treatment in 2018.

Bera was released on Ksh100,000 personal bond after pleading with the court not to send him to a mental facility.

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