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Reasons Why men lose interest in their wives after few years in marriage

Most women must have experienced their men losing interest in them and pulling away at least once in their lifetime.

It’s like one day your man is devoted and so attracted to you and the next thing you know they’re looking for ways to avoid you. And in no time, he seems distant whenever you both try to spend time together. This is more like watching your break-up in slow motion.

This feeling where the man starts to pull away and lose interest really hurts a lot and if you wish to find out reasons why this happens, we’ve got you covered.

Your emotions are too loud
When you first meet a guy, you aren’t fully attached to him emotionally and so you seem cool and calm all the time. But once you both have dated for a while, you tend to become more emotionally involved with your man. Your feelings will start to show, which is quite natural for women. Men start to sense how quickly the relationship moves from carefree to serious. And when they notice this, they don’t know how to respond and so they pull away.

Your insecurity
As a woman, if you’re the type who constantly nags your man about other women and/or keeps a check on him and his phone every now and then, he’ll know you’re very insecure. Interrogating your man about his female friends and questioning his every move is going to make him lose interest in you eventually.

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You sound desperate
If you notice your man pulling away, it might be because you’re emotionally unequipped. This means you’re not happy with yourself and your man can easily become your sole source of happiness. This will suffocate him and in no time, he will distance himself from you.

You gave it up too soon
When it comes to having physical intimacy, women and men are total opposites. Women feel more emotionally connected and attracted when they sleep with a man. Guys, on the other hand, sleep with a woman and easily lose interest and move on. And so, giving up sex with a guy too early on can be one of your biggest mistakes for him to start pulling away from you. If you give it up too soon, he won’t have to work for it and chances are, he’ll put you down as just another fling.

You’re trying to force love
When you start dating a man, no matter how amazing it seems in the beginning, it’s essential to keep your heart out of the situation. Only once you’re both serious about your feelings is when you should move forward in a relationship. When a woman starts to get too emotionally involved, she will try to force love on the man. This might not be the case for the man and he will soon pull away.

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I have found this question stacked in the bucket today morning. I had a little research on the source of the question and found there is only a few dealers in this. Still, I have found it not only interesting, but a common issue to every couple, also.

After marriage, a couple finds it a favourite pastime to explore and discover each other. Playing with each others body gives them dopamine packed pleasure. A wife finds her husband as a male who would play with her body to take her raunchy desire to be satisfied. She is so interested in him that she prepares herself to offer her body in best seductive way.

This honey moon phase of feverish love waxes away with time. Soon, the husband finds his wife quite accustomed and used. The same body with unchanged curves and perks, begins to lose all initial interests. Same bedroom activities of pumping and humping gets monotonous.

Moreover, birth of a child pegs the last nail to their conjugal business. The wife discovers a new found emotional height of the motherhood. She finds herself completely occupied in nursing and nurturing her baby. Her baby is the best ever toy to play, to talk and to smile with. Her own body, and even her own necessities finds no priority.

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At this, a husband may not feel the kick for his wife in a sexy way. But hold on, friends. This doesn’t mean that he has lost interest in his wife. It is the same girl at the end of the same avenue who just has got endowed with some new responsibilities. The husband, rather explores his wife with new excitement and with new approach. If watching his nude wife in seductive lingerie was a kick to his libido, then, watching the same ‘her’ breastfeeding his child is a simple ‘heavenly’.

Interest never dies or lost, it’s just get covered with dust. Wipe the film of dust and explore new and newer avenues to find your girl in a new way. Try to feel the magic in being with her and find the unfading interest once again. Patience and incessant love will keep your interest never wilted.

Marriage is a wonderful journey of togetherness. New relations will come up and join you. Entertain all those relationships honestly and emotionally. At the end you will find the same hands held in yours, once you had taken in your hands.

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