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Roysambu MCA explains why he slept during County assembly session.

NAIROBI: Roysambu MCA Peter Warutere has defended himself over the incidence where he was captured red-handed sound asleep in the middle of a heated Nairobi county assembly debate.

The MCA says he was taking a ‘three-minute rest’ after a long drive from Eldoret ,Nanyuki, Nyeri before attending the assembly session.

He claimed that he felt a bit tired and found it necessary to take a small rest before resuming the normal assembly business.

“I had covered over 550 kilometers on road so it was only natural that l take a small rest,” he said


He added that he is ever active in assembly activities.

“Am the most hardworking MCA in this assembly, my day begins as early as 4am to ensure Nairobi residents gets good services,” Warutere said

Warutere said that it was not a crime to sleep in the assembly adding that even opposition leader Raila Odinga do sleep in public functions whenever he feels fatigued.

“Even Raila Odinga at times he do close his eyes while in public functions, but that doesn’t mean he is asleep,” Warutere stated.

Warutere was speaking to journalists on Thursday October 28, shortly after moving a motion that compels the county to develop a policy that will help reduce spread of infectious diseases.

Source: K24 tv

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