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Dear Ladies, Here are 5 ways to know your man is a prostitute – The African Joker( Video)

Well, I’m back with more tips on how to know if your man is a prostitute. It’s very easy ladies, you only need to know these five golden things.

1 . When a Man Cares more about his appearance.

I think you’ve met these men who cares about their look when they’re going out… Ladies, what for? for who? That one is a prostitute. Most men don’t care even if we are going out. We may bath, we may look okay but when a man starts even caring about his facial appearance…Some of these men even start doing facial scrub.. He’s a prostitute.

2. When he cares more in private than in public.

The Moment you realise your man cares more or he’s always into you when in private but when you go in public, the guy starts acting distant. My sister, you’re not alone. Let me tell you something. Men that are cheating are very nice, they’re sweet when you’re texting them in private, when you’re talking with them in  private together.

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The moment you start moving around the compound, even taking a walk in town, go out there, he starts acting a bit weird. He’s always cautious about who he sees or who sees him. They act as if they owe everyone money.  I’m sorry to be the bearer of that bad news. It is what it is! He’s a prostitute.

The moment you start to realise that he doesn’t when in public. You’re with your friends chilling and he’s never even talking to you. He’s distant. They love being on their phones when they’re in public with you. My dear sister, you’re forcing things. Stop my sister! He’s a prostitute.

4. They say goodnight to you at around 1600hrs

At 1600hrs they say good night to you. Are you that foolish? You can’t let that go on in your life! What kind of life sub-standard is that one? You”ve accepted that kind of life? No, You can’t! He only texts you during the day but he’s deep silent at night. Trust me my sister, you’re not alone.

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4.They are always flirting with other girls on social media

Some of your boyfriends out there are always flirting with other girls on social media. ‘ No baby, it was just a comment’ . That one is lying. He’s a cheat. He’s a prostitute. All of a sudden he starts calling other girls sweetheart, honey, ‘babe come and see my wife’…. On other people’s posts? He doesn’t even post to say anything about you. He’s always active on other ladies posts. Always commenting on other ladies photos sweets things…

My dear sister, he’s a prostitute. Forget about him. Don’t even trouble yourself. He’s a prostitute of its highest level. His standard of prostitution are too high for you my sister. You’ll die of heart attack I’m telling you. You can’t even sit in a relationship as if you’re a frog. You’ll die. I’m telling you, you’ll die. Depression will hit you hard my sister.

5. If he always keep track on you

Ladies, a man who keeps track on you…Where are you? What are you doing?..aaah! Trust me, especially over the weekend.. Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday. Especially if you’re the one who likes going out with your friends and this chap always keeps track of you. The question, where are you doesn’t come with honesty  intentions. The prostitute of a man who asks you that question so that you don’t bump into each other. He’ll make sure he knows your location and avoids where you are so that you do.t meet each other.

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Where are you is a very serious question you need to pay attention.. Where it’s being asked. when it’s being asked and how it’s being asked. If you don’t know why he’s asking you where you are, my dear sister, believe me you,,, Let it go! Bye bye ladies love you!!!!!!

The African Joker 10101 is a Renown Zambian Comedian and actor


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