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I Make $2000 Per Month Creating Simple YouTube Videos, Here’s How

I make quick, snappy YouTube videos and pull in $2000 per month

YouTube is a crazy beast of a platform and I love it. I make $2000 per month making simple faceless YouTube videos.

They are easy to make and you don’t need any expensive equipment to make them either.

You need:

  • A smartphone
  • Lapel mic (not necessary but it will improve the sound quality)
  • Internet connection
  • Ideas

Pick a Niche

I don’t like to give away too many secrets but I focus on the Weird facts niche. There is room for everyone in this niche so I don’t mind revealing it.

I search for weird facts on Google, at the moment I am working on a series about weird facts about everyday objects.

It’s surprising how many people actually search for this stuff.

I make a list of content ideas by scrolling through articles on the first page of Google.

Search For images and Video
I search for images and video content on


I voiceover using my smartphone and a simple app like Inshot to edit the videos.

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I promote the videos on Pinterest, that’s it.

If you want a detailed tutorial on Pinterest marketing for YouTube, leave a comment below.

By Edina Abena Jackson

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