REVEALED: How Raila is planning to balance votes should Kalonzo opt to run for President

NAIROBI: Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya has stated that One Kenya Alliance’s (OKA) only chance at clinching the presidency in 2022 is by joining the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Speaking during a televised interview on Sunday, October 10 Oparanya said ODM is eyeing for a running mate from Mt Kenya should Wiper’s Kalonzo Musyoka who has twice been Raila Odinga’s running mate choose to run for president in 2022.

“Obviously, If Kalonzo supports Raila or OKA joins ODM it will be very easy for Raila to win the elections but if Kalonzo is running, then he will take away some votes from Raila,” Oparanya said.

The ODM Deputy Party Leader said ODM is working on a plan to balance the votes Kalonzo will leave with should he run for president.

“As a party, we are strategising and we feel that Central Kenya will be the best balancing of votes should Kalonzo leave with his votes,” Oparanya said.

Oparanya further termed Kalonzo’s support in Raila’s stab at the 2022 presidential elections as very crucial.

“Much as we need his support, we can not stand and wait for him. If he doesn’t show up, then as a party we have other options,” Oparanya said.

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Oparanya’s statement on ODM looking towards Mt Kenya should Kalonzo fail to play ball comes after National Assembly Speaker Justice Muturi hit out at a group of Mount Kenya tycoons who have been meeting and vetting presidential aspirants in hotels.

Muturi who is also a presidential aspirant said it is irrelevant and inconsequential for a group of individuals to meet and purport to vet aspirants on behalf of voters.

Recently, Mt Kenya Foundation members held a meeting with presidential hopefuls including One Kenya Alliance principals and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Speaking at the ACK St Paul Church in Kiambu Town on Sunday during a funds drive, Muturi said he will engage voters directly, rubbishing efforts by a clique to ‘conduct interviews’ for aspirants.

He said that while it is healthy to have political competition, Muturi insisted that fairness should prevail and only voters should choose their leaders.

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