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REVEALED: How the 3 terrorists Escaped Kamiti Maximum Prison leaving physically challenged cellmate behind

THE STAR KENYA: It has emerged the three terrorists Musharraf Abdalla Akhulungam, aka Zarkarawi, Mohammed Ali Abikar and Joseph Juma Odhiambo, aka Yusuf, removed a stone on a wall of their cell before leaving. That revealed a cavity containing items for their escape.

They then used a rope made from pieces of clothes and an old one that seemed to have been brought there for the mission to scale two, 10-metre walls and drop to a field behind Block A 6.

They used blankets, strings and broomsticks to create makeshift ropes that they used to scale two high walls around the correctional facility.

Pictures taken from the cell and site of climbing the walls suggest the convicts helped each other to escape.

Part of the rope the convicts used to escape from Kamiti on November 15- Handout. Photo Courtesy: The Star Kenya

It wasnt until before midday that police were informed and rushed to the scene.

Sources say the detectives also recovered a rusty chisel and razor blades believed to have been used to create the blanket ropes, the rust on the chisel suggesting that the brick could have been dislodged sometime back.

Police are working to establish how long it took for them to dislodge a brick from their cell wall.

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It is through the opening that sometimes they blocked using cardboard that they made their way out, indicative of a plan hatched for a long time before it was executed.

This came as two more wardens were arrested over the escape increasing to nine, the number of those in custody.

The officer in charge of the facility was also questioned over the incident and recorded his statement.

Police presented those arrested at the Kamiti Law Courts under a miscellaneous application and were allowed to hold them for 25 days as investigations go on.

They will be held at the Gigiri police cells as investigations go on for 25 days.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i led a senior security team to Kamiti prison Monday evening and announced a massive manhunt involving specialised teams across the country.

He said the terrorists may have been aided to escape. Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti led another team to the crime scene on Tuesday where he questioned a number of people before leaving.

He is said to have questioned the wardens on duty on what happened and where they were then.

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The CS revealed that their extensive tour of Kamiti, including Block A 6 where the trio had been held, did not appear to support the official version of escape given by the prisons’ managers.

“We have gone to the place where the escape allegedly happened, and we have formed certain opinions. We don’t want to discuss that because we don’t want to interfere with the work that the DCI is doing,” he said.

HOLE: Hole in cell wall where inmates created a cavity ad hit ites for their escape. Image: CYRUS OMBATI: The Star Kenya

Matiang’i said the government will protect whistle-blowers who will volunteer information that could lead to the rearresting of the prisoners who are described as dangerous with the manhunt teams especially paying attention to the country’s borders and exit points.

HOLE: Hole in cell wall where inmates created a cavity ad hit ites for their escape. Image: CYRUS OMBATI .The Star Kenya

“We are all mobilised and we have sent messages across the country and all exit and possible movement points out of the country. We are going to conduct a massive manhunt for those three. They are dangerous criminals and we have to get them. And we are going to get them.”

The CS, however, urged Kenyans not to panic over the latest escape of dangerous prisoners, saying security teams were on high alert and had managed to preempt many of the planned terror attacks.

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Closeup of improvised rope made of bed sheets, old clothes and broomstick.Image: CYRUS OMBATI .Courtesy: The Star Kenya

Akhulunga, 34, from Mumias had been sentenced to 22 years in prison after he was arrested in 2012 over a foiled attack on Kenya’s Parliament and charged with possessing explosives, ammunition and firearms.

Odhiambo, 30, from Matungu was serving 15 years for terror-related crimes after trying to join a terror group in Somalia.

while Abikar, 35, was serving a 41-year-jail term, having been convicted in 2019 with two others for their role in the Garissa University attack in April 2015 that left 148 people.

The DCI has issued a Sh60 million bounty on the heads of the three men, Sh20 for each. they are wanted alive for questioning.

Meanwhile, officials are concerned with the rate of radicalisation in prison facilities, which they link to the ‘escape’ of the three convicts.

This comes in the wake of ramped-up operations over terror fears in the country.

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