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Jubilee Party redesigns its logo, dropped all association with URP

Jubilee Party has redesigned its logo, dropping all association with URP.

The new logo, forwarded to Kenya Industrial Property Institute for trademarking, features a dove (in place of clasped hands) and is red and white in colour.

The black and yellow colours associated with URP have been dropped. The motto has also been changed from “Tuko Pamoja” to “Mbele Pamoja.”

Yellow and black were colours associated with URP, a party that was headed by Deputy President William Ruto and which was dissolved while joining forces with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s The National Alliance (TNA) party among other parties to form Jubilee Party in 2016.

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Anyone who might wish to oppose the logo’s registration has until February 22, 2022, to present an objection to Kipi. It will be accepted upon payment of the prescribed fees.

A reset of the logo to bear the dove that was prominent in Mr Kenyatta’s TNA might well be the clearest symbol of the falling-out between him and Dr Ruto. Their alliance won the 2013 and 2017 general elections, though they led two different parties in 2013.

Mr Joshua Kuttuny, the Jubilee deputy secretary-general, told Saturday Nation yesterday that the party plans a “total rebranding. You will see a new Jubilee, a new face, because we are starting afresh. You know, it represents a new beginning because remember some of our friends had to leave. So the party has to remain for the owners,” he said.

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Asked to explain the dropping of the URP-linked features in the logo, the Cherangany MP left no doubt as to the intentions.

“Some of the colours we are going to discard are old colours that represent the characters we don’t want to be associated with. And besides, anyway, you will see that they have run away with some of the colours. So, clearly, we are starting afresh with another slogan, colours and the rest. We will retain a few, but you will see something completely different.”

Regarding the dove with an olive branch, he said the new identity of the party will be “to run the narrative of peace. Every other action, be it the colours, has to be about peace. It has to be a symbol of peace. So, you will see more of the symbols and colours that bring out peace,” said the official

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