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Sipangwingwi na mwanaume! Aisha Jumwa on Why She Left Fisherman husband

MOMBASA: In a recent interview, Malindi lawmaker Aisha Jumwa opened up on how her marriage crumbled as her political career began to take an upward and forward trajectory.

She however repudiated insinuations that her separation was linked to her change of status in society given that her (ex) hubby is a ‘lowly’ fisherman.

“I’m not answerable to any man even though people say I’m the one who left him. My ex-husband said he could not have a wife who was a politician,” she explained, adding that,

“There is no way I could kill my (political) career (because of my marriage), so we divorced.”

She however conceded that her needs as a woman are being met by another man.

“Do I look like someone without a man?’ she posed.

‘There is a difference between having a husband and having a man. I’m not married but I have a man.”

It is not however clear if the said man is Geoffrey Okuto Otieno. Their affair was exposed after they were both charged with murder.

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The Malindi MP and her lover were charged with murder on October 22nd, 2020 over the death of Ngumbao Jola who was killed in the chaos that ensued during campaigns for a by-election in Ganda Ward on October 15, 2019.

Court documents showed that Okuto, who is the first accused person in the case, was in a stable relationship with Jumwa after the legislator divorced her husband.

In a pre-bail report submitted to Lady Justice Njoki Mwangi, the lawmaker was living with Okuto at her palatial homes in Lavington and Malindi.

However, Jumwa dumped her boyfriend during one of the court proceedings in July 2021. The controversial MP withdrew all lawyers she had hired to represent Okuto in the murder case after falling out with him.

Jumwa also sought the cancellation of a bond agreement in which her daughter was listed as Okuto’s surety.

Jumwa fell in love with Okuto while he was her driver and bodyguard. Okuto’s wife Judith Awinja is quoted in court documents saying he was first employed as the MP’s bodyguard before the contract mutated into a romantic relationship.

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The Malindi MP hired Okuto as her private bodyguard in 2014 after the State withdrew her security detail.

But Jumwa, who switched his political affiliation from opposition leader Raila Odinga to Deputy President William Ruto a few years ago, has denied claims that DP William Ruto bought her support for his presidential bid by gifting her a mansion.

Jumwa admitted that she owns a number of mansions but none of them was a gift from the second in command.

“Why would Ruto buy me a house yet I have been with Ruto for like four years now? I have a number of luxurious houses that I did not get from either supporting ODM or William Ruto. The ones I have are from my hard-earned proceeds and even some I acquired from loans that I’m currently still repaying,” Jumwa said.

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Jumwa added that she ditched ODM because she differed with Raila Odinga’s ideologies but maintained that she still respects him and what he has done for the country.

“I respect Raila so much but we differed ideologically which forced me to ditch his camp. In ODM there is no open democracy, whatever one speaks should align with what Raila believes in or else risk facing sanctions from the party officials. Raila left us in the dark when he entered a handshake deal with President Uhuru Kenyatta. He never informed us yet we had really fought for his presidency,” the Kilifi gubernatorial hopeful said.

After serving as Kilifi governor until 2030, Jumwa plans to become the deputy president and then the president before retiring from politics and eventually becoming a preacher.


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