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“Don’t Waste Your Life With Temporary Things, Age Isn’t A Representation Of How Smart You Are” – Wizkid

Wizkid, the Nigerian singer, has advised his fans not to waste their time on fleeting circumstances since age does not indicate intelligence.

Wizkid chose to share some personal secrets with his fans as a piece of advice, telling them how he lives his life by waking up without hatred in his heart, sad or impoverished in life, but in excellent health and spirit.

Age, he claims, has nothing to do with how clever you are as a person because he knows plenty of ignorant adults, so don’t spend your life on transient problems that come your way.

Wizkid also stated that he does not believe in a religion, which many people say is an obstacle to living a happy life, which explains why he performs most of the things he does without caring what society or religion thinks about it.

Wizkid is a guy of few words who seldom gives advice, so saying that one shouldn’t spend one’s life on temporary situations and that age isn’t a measure of intelligence means he may have observed anything relevant to that.

Here is a screenshot:

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